An open air style booth with a twist! Have you ever dreamt of riding with Marty in the DeLorean or be Mario in Super Mario Brothers? Green Screen can get make your pictures come to life! Our Green Screen Technology allows you to drop your guest in to any scenario imaginable using custom background photos. They will enjoy an interactive experience where the sky is the limit...sore, jump, hanging upside-down, even dive into a flute of champagne on New Year's Eve! The possibilities are endless.
Add a filter like a carton, tint, retro, plus more, to enhance your Green Screen experience.

Green Screen Examples!

Corporate activations and trade shows

Conventions and Trade shows are needed for any industry. We have expectations to exceed your goals with what we can do with a photo booth. We offer electronic delivery, reporting, interactive enjoyment, analytic tracking and brand recognition. Be sure to stand out in the industry by using our amazing photo booth utilizing any of our features.